Thursday, July 21, 2011


My husband favorite thing is "UTTAPAM" . Very easy we can make with regular idly or dosa batter with veggies.

1 bowl Dosa Batter
1 onion thin and small slices
coriander thin slices
carrots again thin slices
Tomato (I didn't put)
green chillies thin and circle slices.

1.Heat the Dosa tawa and pour the dosa batter thickly and spread all the veggies on top of it.
2. Add light oil to it.
3. Turn other side and cook well.

I served this dish with coconut chutney..

Note: If Batter looks veyr thick add bit of water.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mushroom Lasagna

This is my own idea and recipe last i make meat lasagna this time i tried with mushroom bit simple recipe very yummy. In my house all members don't like mushroom but it's really good for health so i tried this recipe came well.

1 cup of mushrooms
1 white onion
1 garlic clove
Italian herbs
bell peppers
pasta sauce
olive oil

1. Take a pan pour olive oil add onion slices garlic, tomato slices and bell pepper slices one by one fry it and once it get fried shift into aluminum covered tray and keep aside.
2. Now take another kadai don't pour anything on it just add cleaned sliced mushroom slices and fry it.
3.Shift those to the tray on top of the onions and other veggies.
4. Add pepper and salt with herbs (please consider pasta sauce , and cheese having salt) try to reduce the salt content.
5.Now cover everything with pasta sauce mostly it will take half bottle sauce and garnish with herbs again and final touch with cheese and again herbs.
6. Pre heat the oven180under fan froced heat and bake it for 15 minutes  (it may vary oven types)
7. You can also add lasagna sheets if u want i just avoided it in this recipe.

Serve hot my husband and kids loved it and we all finished it

Eggplant Parmigiana with Baked Potato and Carrot orange Soup

I tried different combination with Italian style.

1. Carrot  Orange Soup
2. Baked Potato
3. Eggplant Parmigiana

Carrot Orange Soup Recipe:
1/2 kg carrots
1 fresh orange
1 liter Veg stock or Chicken Stock
Italian Spices
olive oil

1. Take a sauce pan add olive oil 2 teaspoons, add onion slices, carrot slices to it and cook it with closed lid.
2. Now remove it from the flame let it cool down.
3. Mash cooked onion and carrots with nice blender.
4.Take same sauce pan pour the vegetable stock cook on low flame add salt, pepper, Italian herbs and add all the mashed content to it cook on low flame.
5.At last squeeze the orange juice to it and mix it well.
6.Turn off the flame.

Baked Potato

Peel the Potatoes cut into 2 slices each potato and place on the aluminum sheet in a oven tray apply olive oil or butter with brush and bake it until it cook.


1 big eggplant cut into thin circular slices
Beaten egg
Bread Crumbs
Parmesan cheese
Pasta Sauce
Italian Herbs


1. Take the each eggplant slice and dip into beaten egg and coat with bread crumbs and fry it in oil keep aside. (for pure vegeterians can use only bread crumbs with eggplant or plain egg plant will be placed instead of that)
2. Take the Aluminum sheet tray place all the fried slices and bake it under 180 under fanforced heat for 4 to 5 minutes
3. Now add the pasta sauce to cover all the slices add layer wise and salt, pepper, herbs.
4. Now add Cheese as toppings and cook it for 15 minutes or until it get ready.

These dishes always tasty whenever it is fresh and hot.

Mutton Biryani Pan

This is Quick Biryani recipe The older which given will take long time but this will take very less time.


1 Kg mutton (tell to butcher to cut into biryani pieces size which is big)
2 medium size onions
2 tomatoes
1 medium size cinnamon stick
3 cloves
3 cardamon
1 big bay leaf
few fennel seeds
1/2 teaspoon biryani powder
1/2 tea spoon garam masala powder.
mint leaves (optional i didn't added)
spring onions
4 Rice cups of Basmati rice (I use Dawaat)

Marination of meat with the Ingredients

Cup of curd
Lemon juice
Coriander powder
Chilli Powder

Just clean the meat applying turmeric for few minutes and clean with water. Later add all the marination ingredients and keep 1 to 2 hours in fridge.

1. Take flat pan pour oil add all the fennel seeds, cardamon, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf.
2. Once it get fry add the onion long thin slices to it fry until it turns golden brown.
3. Add tomato slices to it and mix well.
4. Now add Marinated Meat to it and cook until the water get evaporated and last add garam masala and biryani masala and fry it bit.
5. Now shift entire content to pressure cooker and pressure cook until get one whistle on medium flame (This plays major role).
6. Now let it cool down and mean while soak the rice for 2 -3 minutes.
7. Take the pan cooker shift all the content to it add mint and spring onions(For cooking meat u can use any other pressure cooker but for making biryani use pan cooker it will come well without burning on last).
8. Add 5 cups of water for 4 cups od Dwaat rice and mix all the ingredients and pressure cook on low flame for 2 whistle and remove the pan from the burner.

Serve hot with raita but i like plain birynai

Veg Manchurian

When i went to one frends get together one of the couple bought this dish (My thanks to those Couple Deepa and Mathavan) it was yummy so i asked the recipe that they got from the vahrehvah website so finally i given a try. It really came good.


Chop the thin slices of all veggies
Bell pepper
Beans and peas


Pepper Powder
Corn flour
Chopped chilli
Spring onion
Chopped ginger
Soya sauce
Chilli paste
Cooked rice


1.Take 2 cups of water boil the water and pour all the veggies to it and close the lid cook on low flame util veggies get cooked.
2. Squeeze the water from the veggies using some cloth or filter and keep the water aside.
3.Now add salt, ajanamoto, chopped chillies, pepper powder, chopped ginger, soya sauce,chilli sauce or paste, spring onions, add cooked rice ,  corn flour and mix well and make a nice dumplings keep aside.
4. fry all dumplings and keep aside.
5.If u found that dumpling is breaking while frying then it needs more rice . Add more cooked rice mix well and try it again

Making Manchurian Sauce
Soya sauce
Chilli paste
Chopped garlic
Chopped ginger
Pepper powder
Green chillies slices
Spring onions
Sesame oil
Sweet and sour sauce
Veg stock or water
Corn flour
Cumin seeds

Making Manchurian sauce:
1.Add corn flour to the veg water and take a kadai pour sesame oil to it.
2. add some cumin seeds to it
3. add chopped garlic, chopped ginger, chopped onions to it and fry it well.
4. Add green chilli , pepper powder, soya sauce, sweet and sour sauce to it.
5. Add chilli paste, little ajanamoto, very little salt at last add spring onions
6.Add veg water to it make a nice sauce.

Note: if u have sweet and sour sauce then no need to add sugar otherwise add sugar.

Making Dry Manchurian:
1.Heat the half sauce and add dumpling s

Making Manchurian Curry:
Add the heavy sauce and Dumplings add vegetable stock (left over ) to the sauce and boil on low flame and add some corn flour for thick and now add dumplings.

Just Typed when the Video is running so sometimes i typed exact words when he is talking in the video..
Thanks to Vah reh vah website too.

Note: Only thing is we have to add dumplings before eating the food otherwise it will be saagi and this dish will be good immediate serving than long time..