Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pav Bhaji

Finally i got the nice recipe thanks to my facebook frends and youtube.

Serving Size 
4 members
Time : 20 min

Capsicum slices few
Onion slices - 1
Tomato slices- 1
Boiled potatoes boiled and mashed -2  medium size
Peas- ½ cup
Red chilli powder -1/2 table spoon
Turmeric – ½ tea spoon
Ginger garlic paste- ½ tabl;e spoon
Water - few
Pav bhaj  masala
Lemon juice
Food color pinch
Bread rolls

1.Place capsicum slices on heated tawa and allow some water to cook it well.
2.  one medium size tomato slices add to it cook well.
3. Boiled potatoes 2 mash it and mix to the existing cooking veggies.
4. Add water to the veggies and mash it well. With masher on tawa itself.
5. Add Green Peas and Sprinkle some Red Chilli powder on top of it.
6. 1 spoon full of ginger garlic paste to the existing gravy, turmeric powder, and water again .
7.Allow veggies to become tender and add butter to mix well all veggies.
8.  Add water and mash all veggies nicely like nice paste.
9. Add pav bhaji masala to the cooking gravy.
10. add sufficient salt and chopped coriander leaves.
11. Keep mashing and cooking till the oil seperates  nad will get thick gravy.
12.  Take another kadai heat it add butter add onion slices to it mix well.
13.  again some ginger garlic paste pinch of chilli powder, pav bhaji masala, kasoori methi mix well with water.
14. asfatodia, lemon juice to the new gravy, coriander leaves, food color to it.
15. Now mix all 2 gravies and mash it well.

Now Masala for Pav

1.Heat some butter on tawa add chilli powder , coriander leaves, pav bhaji masala.
2. Take bread split into horizontal and wipe on the masala and close the bread.
3. Outer sides also the butter should be spread all sides of the bread.


Here mashing i used mixy to get hick gravy and i used hot dog rolls for pav

Soy Bean Fried Rice

Soy bean is good source of protein to vegetable people and healthy to small kids . I love soy nuggets in any form..

1 bowl cooked rice
1 egg
1 cup fried soy beans or nuggets
1 cup pure mixed veggies
2 spring onion slices
garlic shredded 2 cloves
pepper and salt
ajnamotto pinch
green chilli sauce 1/2 tea spoon
mushroom soy sauce 1/4 tea spoon

1.Take a kadai pour oil add garlic fry it well add veggies and fry it well.
2.Add fried soy nuggets ( Boil the nuggets in water and later squeeze the water add salt and pepper fry it on oil)
3.Add sauce green chilli, mushroom, salt, ajnamoto, spring onions.
4.Beat the egg pour on cooked rice and now add that rice to veggies and stir well until u keep egg cooked.

Serve with any side dish i served with paneer butter masala

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Onion Chutney

Goes well with dosa,Idly. My husband likes onion chutney
1 medium size onion cut into slices
3 to 4 red chillies
1 tablespoon chenna dal
1 tablespoon uradh dal
few curry leaves
mustard seeds
Tamarind 1 inch


1.Take a vessel heat oil and add 2 dals and fry it with curry leaves, red chillies, mustard seeds
2.Now add onions fry well.
3.Once it get warm grind it with salt and tamarind with water.
4.Serve with nice idlies

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lamb Biryani with Cucumber Carrot Raitha

Today i have lot of curd so i want to use it properly otherwise it may spoil. So Biryani takes lot of curd i tried lamb biryani with the same recipe which i used in goat and chicken biryani previously with few changes


Step 1:
Meat Marination
1  kg Lamb big pieces
1/2 table spoon ginger garlic paste
100 grams curd
turmeric pinch
chilli powder 1 tea spoon
coriander powder 2 tea spoons
salt only for the lamb
pinch of garam masala

Clean the lamb with turmeric and add all the ingredients and marinate 1 hour outside.

Preparation Gravy:

Take a kadai and pour oil and add marinated meat to it and cook until u found thick gravy turn off the flame and keep aside.

Step 2:
Take 2 medium size onions and cut into thin long slices and fry it until it turns golden brown in ghee or oil.
Keep Aside
Take few mint leaves clean with water and keep aside.
Take coriander leaves clean with water cut into nice thin slices and keep aside.
Take a Spring onions clean it and cut into nice thin circles and keep aisde.
Take a pinch of orange food color mix with milk or water (10 drops) keep aside.

Step 3:

Making Biryani Rice:

1 kg India Gate Basmati rice or other brand
4 whole green chillies
2 biryani flowers
1 long thin cinnamon stick
few fennel seeds
4 cardamon medium size
3 cloves
biryani leaves 1 big one
6 cups water

Take a rice cooker pour 6 cups of water and boil it by closing the lid.
Now take a kadi pour oil add all masala ingredients ith green chillies and fry it add to the boiling water.
Clean the rice with water and keep aside.
Add sufficient salt to the boilign water.
Add rice to it and cook it.

Step 4:

Take a big closed lid vessel add rice one layer , seocnd layer meat with gravy third layer rice, fourth layer fried onions, greens, fifth layer rice, sixth layer meat gravy until u finish all ingredients add color to it, close the lid and keep on low flame.

 Step 5 :

Making Cucumber Carrot Raitha:

1 small onion cut into long thin slices
2 green chillies cut into small thin circles
1/4 cucumber cut into small slices
1 medium size carrot shred using shredder

Mix all in a bowl
1 cup curd

voollipaya neeti pesarattu (Onion Green lenthil dosa with ghee)

The famous Andhra breakfast "Pesarattu" . In andhra people do different pesarattu very famous breakfast some people like with onions and some like with cashews. Some like golden brown crispy some like dark green soft one... It all depends on their taste people like to eat with rava upma and pesarattu that is called upma pesarattu.

1 cup split moong dal (with skin)
ginger pinch
cumin seeds
green chillies
curry leaves

Batter Preparation:
Soak the dal 1 to 2 hours depending on their climate conditions
and nicely grind it with ginger, chillies, cumin seeds, curry leaves,salt by adding little bit of water.

Making Hot  Hot Pesarattu:
1.Take a dosa tawa and heat it pour batter and make same like dosa and add small sliced onions on top of it and once it getting ready add ghee to it and turn other side and serve with nice fresh chutney.
2.Most people serve with tamarind chutney or ginger chutney bcoz of good digestion.
3.Here i used onion peanut chutney with curry leaves.

Note: Any lenthils will take time to get digest thats the reason we add ginger, cumin seeds e.t.c all these help to good digestion.

Pesarattu ready