Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chilli Snack or Mirapakaya bajji


Whole Green chillies (remove the seeds and wash it) Select the good shape one.
gram flour
rice flour
Baking soda
pinch of food kesari color

Preparation :
1. Take clean chillies wipe with kitchen towel and keep aside.
2. Make batter with flours ,baking soda, color , salt  by adding little by little water.

3. Dont fry until stuff with filling


Tamarind pulp
Ajwain seeds poder
Asafatodia powder

1. Mix all ingredients and make a thick paste.
2. Fill inside the chillies keep aside.

Main Preparation:
1. Take a wide pan pour oil.
2. Take filled chillies dip into the batter and fry in the oil.
3. Make sure one side Chilli visible by that the chilli also fries well.

Side for serving:
Onions and Coriander slices(Coriander is missing in my picture)
Lemon juice on top of the onions and coriander slices.

Serve hot bajji with Serving ingredients

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